The Verizon Flagship Store Video


The Verizon Flagship Destination store is full of the newest technology that adds fun and functionality to your mobile devices, your home or apartment, and everyday life.  It’s designed to inspire and enjoy as much as it provides solutions.  This time-lapse video was crafted with the same theme of entertainment that comes with how Verizon presents this technology in a vibrant and interactive way. The visuals are well complemented by the uplifting sound track, Candyman by Zedd & Aloe Blacc.

There are several lifestyle zones throughout the store. First stop is “Customize It.” This is where you can create a high quality custom case for your mobile device professionally created on site thats shot down a pneumatic tube through the store when completed. 1440 custom cases make up the gigantic, one of a kind, Santa Monica mural on entry. The floor itself is made up of wood that pays homage to the iconic Santa Monica pier. The path through the store takes you by two additional lifestyle zones: “Home and On the Go” and “Have Fun.” “Home and on the Go” is loaded with the latest and greatest products to make your home or apartment truly “smart”. You can control your lights, unlock your door, and access affordable home monitoring technology, all from your Smartphone. Kids and teenagers especially love the “Have Fun” zone, which is loaded with Drones, Race Cars, Go Pro’s and accessories that turn your Smartphone into a gamer’s dream come true.

As you arrive at the Verizon monolith display at the back of the store, you will see a huge area where various workshops are hosted on how to maximize all the technology solutions offered. All the smart phones and tablets are live and operating so you can truly get hands on. They have a gigantic interactive connect wall that allows you to play really fun games while you visit the store.

As you travel up the staircase to the second level, or take the elevator, you are greeted by even more incredible technology. The Small Business zone shows business owners how Verizon can power their point of sale system, monitor their vehicle fleet, improve their productivity and increase their profitability. To your left there is a fully functioning conference room that can hold 50 people. It is open to local businesses to use while they are in town, and their is plenty of room.

A crowd favorite is the NFL experience where Samsung virtual reality takes you into a real NFL game! There is a wide variety of devices upstairs as part of two more exclusive lifestyle zones: “Get Fit” and “Amplify It.” “Get Fit” has every wearable technology out there to track your heart rate, calories burned, sleep at night and diet habits. Jump on a stationary bicycle while Google maps takes you down any street in the world, and you can try this wearable technology for yourself! The second level also boasts “Amplify It”, a huge wall of sound composed of several top of the line Bluetooth speakers. Test out your favorite songs, or make one of your own in the DJ booth. You can pick up to 10 instruments and mix them together, live tweet from our store, and enter a chance to win $100!

The Verizon Flagship Destination store is about educating the community, locally and globally, about the amazing technology that’s offered. Come on in and see for yourself!

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